Team 3 – Care Blossom

We created this interactive brooch in order to alleviate some of the problems elderly people have to face in their daily life.
As a consequence of the demographic change in Germany the average age of the population is increasing. The alienation between young and old grows, as communication and lifestyle are increasingly taken over by the digital world.
Our prototype is designed to offer an accessible interface for communication between the elderly and their families without being ashamed for calling. Another feature triggers an alarm when the wearer falls, so that they can be localized immediately.


Our prototype consists of two parts: the brooch and a receiver displaying the message

Technical Execution


electric circuit

INPUT: push of a button -> OUTPUT: light signals
INPUT: sudden movement, fall -> OUTPUT: alarming noise


brooch in development


receiver in development

Problems we faced

We had to deal with the normal problems you face when working with electronics and E-Textiles: Space problems, breaking cables and isolation.
As time was short we didn’t manage to incorporate WiFi into our system, although it would be necessary for actual use.

Visions for the future

At the moment wearable devices (for example UP by jawbone) are mainly used as supervisors for self-optimization in sports and lifestyle. Although it could also serve elderly people as a less complicated interface for communication as well as a messenger of crucial health signals to family or caregiver.
As population grows older we should start concentrating on solutions making life easier and more enjoyable for the elderly.


Team 3 – Lea Gardner, Anna-Lena Derleder, Elena Rudolph