Project Presentation at FabLab



As last reunion the seminar met at the FabLab. The first half hour we talked internal about the seminar. The Students and Anna Blumenkranz gave feedback to each other.



The seminar-members prepared the presentationroom for the guests. We have put many chairs into rows, set a table in the front of the room were we showed our projects and started the beamer with our presentations. In the other Room, we prepared the Buffet and some other possibilities to sit. At the same time the first guests arrived.dscf5423dscf5420
19.00 – 20.15

The most of the guests arrived, so we could start the event. Anna Blumenkranz and Mitra Wakil gave the Welcome to our guests.

Then Mitra Wakil demonstrated their rooms and explained their philosophy behind FabLab. So all guests wanted also to see the projects of the FabLab and which machines they’re using.

After that Anna Blumenkranz gaves an introduction of herself, of Wearables & E-Textiles and her Seminar at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität Munich in the winter semester 2016/2017.


Now the guests wanted to see the result of the seminar. So the presentations of the 4 studentsgroups began.

Each presentation took around 10 to 15 minutes and the groups consists of 2 or 3 students. In this presentations they talked about the process of the project. From the initial idea to the end result, with all problems along the way and the future visions and potentials of the projects.After all presentations the guests had time to ask and discuss about the projects or also give some new input to the groups.

Joulie Frank and Manuela Friedlein presents as first their Project “Colourglove”


As Second Clara Schlegelmilch and Lisa Bias shows their Project: “Lightning Dots”


After this came the next Group consisting of three persons Lea Gardner, Elena Rudolph and Anna-Lena Darleder, with their Project “Care Blossom“


As last at the evening came another group consisting of one female and the only two males of the Lesson Pia Hinze, Michel Hohendanner and Marco Richtsfeld with their Project: “Translation Sleeve”


After all this technical presentations, we all get hungry. So the students brought something to eat and the FabLab sold drinks. At this opportunity the guest and the students could establish contacts or simply talk together about the projects or everything else.


At 21.30 the event ended at the FabLab so we cleaned-up the two rooms. After that Anna Blumenkranz, the students and some guests went to a close pub and celebrate the successful presentation.