Lesson3: First Ideas and Rapid Prototyping

10.00-10.10: Kate Hartman & Social Body Lab
10.10-10.20: Afroditi Psarra
10.20-10.30: Anja Hertenberger & Meg Grant

(if required) team work:
Brainstorming, final team assingnment

Teams present their project ideas and research

Critique and Feedback

The projects should be:
– engaging with socially disadvantages people / minorities
– dealing with real people and real problems
(through direct contact with the target group and thourough research)
– technically doable within the given time of the course


Rapid Prototyping:
– plan out the first experiment: prototype for a specific situation for the target group
– list all required materials
– work on a rapid prototype to test your initial idea, don’t go deep into polishing the technical side and don’t bother with aesthetics at this stage
– (if you’re missing any materials, go and get them directly at an electronics store, e.g. Conrad in Tal, or order them online)

——- 13.00-13.45: BREAK  ————-

13.45-15.15: Rapid prototyping continues…

– finish your rapid prototype
– seek contact with your target group and test your prototype (can be an informal meeting of visually impaired, creative classes with refugee children in institutions, elderly people on a bench in a park, or just random people on the street.)
– note down your observations and ideas for improvements
– document as much as possible! take pictures or short videos