Leah Buechley

Leah Buechley is one of the pioneers on the field of DIY-electronic. She became well known in the scene due to her development of the LilyPad Arduino.

In principle it is a miniature version of the Arduino board, developed specifically for “textile projects”. A good overview including inspiration for own projects will you find on the Arduino website.


Leah’s intention is it to make electronics more convenient for the society. Graduated as a physicist and computer scientist, it is important to her to give children or laymen the possibility to develop own technologies and enable a simple access to create electronics.

The invention of the LilyPad was an important step for the wearable scene. Thereupon Leah worked from 2004 – 2009 as a professor at the MIT MediaLab in the US, where she headed the High-Low Tech research group. As the name already suggests, it is about exploring the exciting combination of high- and low-tech.

What if you could do electronic design extremely fast and also affordable and perhaps even more interesting?

Building stuff and making stuff is one of the things that people find great satisfaction in … I know I do. That is some fundamental human impulse that connects to all sorts of things … like our need to be productive, our need to do things well, and our need to connect with other people and our need to be proud of the stuff we’ve done… our need to kind of show off a little, and get praised. Our need to give the world something that we think is valuable, our need to think about things and solve problems. There are just so many things it connects to; it’s really powerful“.