KOBAKANT is a label from Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi. The label was founded in 2008 and their intension is to develope projects together. In their projects they are working with textile crafts and electronics. Their work should be a medium for commenting on technological aspects of our existing “high-tech” society.

They have a website, where they publish their work and keep us on track, what they are working on. A special part of this website is the “How you get what you want”– part. It’s all about DIY (Do it yourself) and consists of many tutorials to do your own cool stuff. So you see, all of their work is open-source. And their designs for these nice interfaces are created to be done by everyone with basic crafting skills.

They also founded the “Fablab” in Berlin, which is an e-textile knitting circle. This place gives interested people the possibility to make projects together and can have an exchange of experience or ideas.


One interesting project of KOBAKANT is “The Crying Dress”, which was recently part of the exhibition “LOVE & LOSS” at the Lentos museum in Linz, Austria. The project started in 2012 and was part of a one-month quartier21 artist-in-residency during the Technosensual exhibition at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

This dress was meant to be worn at a funeral by the mourning wife for example. Inspired by an asian tradition to hire people for funerals, who are crying loudly to make the mourning people feel a bit better, the dress is doing exact that thing. It should comfort the crying person by starting to cry too.

You can watch an example video at the following website.



http://www.kobakant.at/?page_id=475 (from 06.11.2016)

http://www.kobakant.at/?p=222 (from 06.11.2016)