Irene Posch und Ebru Kurbak


Irene Posch is a german artist combining craft and technology.
She worked at Ars Electronica and reached art and industrial design at University Linz. Together with Ebru Kurbak she was part of artists in Residence in Rotterdam and New York.


Ebru Kurbak is an artist, designer and teacher interested in textiles and electronics. After completing her master studies in architecture in Istanbul she was a teacher for visual communication there and art and industrial design in Linz.

Kurbak and Posch work together on a project called ‘stitching worlds’ since 2014 at the University of arts in Vienna. Together with the technician Matthias Mold and international collaborators. The project combines electrotechnics and textile crafts. Final exhibition is planned for 2017. funded by the Program for Arts-Based Research (PEEK) of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Before they started this project they worked together on several other ones – including a knitted radio jumper ( Their projects are not meant to be useful but to explore what is possible. Both like to share their knowledge and document their steps.

In their work they try to craft a computer with 8 bits. This project is trying to find other ways of crafting and ask about alternative ways of fabrication. The piece will not be effective, it will be slow and big but it will make the logic behind a computer visible.


1-Bit Textile

This swatch shows an embroidered textile bit. The bit can be controlled electromagnetically.

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Crafting a computer

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Crochet Relays

Another project they work on is a new generation of tools for crafting electronically textiles.

“This is a research into tools in the shape and aesthetics of traditional needle work tools, that incorporate the functionality of electronic probes, of being connectable and conductive. ”

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