Anja Hertenberger + Meg Grant


Anja Hertenberger is a german artist “who researches identity in relation to media, surveillance, power, control and man-machine interaction”.
She’s interested in combining arts and electronics. In her recent work she tries to create an interaction between human beings and electronic textiles.


Meg Grant defines herself as a designer and maker. She’s exploring how wearable electronics can influence the relationship with those around us. Meg is a qualified designer and self-taught programmer, interested in both design and science, trying to connect those different fields by creating wearable technology.
She’s sharing her work on different open source platforms listed on her webpage.

Developing “The Lace Sensor dresses” was one of some projects Anja Hertenberger and Meg Grant worked on together.Three white dresses which recite a poem if the wearer makes a certain gesture. The poem which is also embroidered on the dress activates the reading by touching itself. The content of the poem is connected to the gesture the wearer needs to do to activate the reading. Every gesture evokes a different emotion. An interesting way of expressing feelings.