Afroditi Psarra

Afroditi Psarra, born in Athen, is an artist who tries to combine sound, e textiles and DIY electronics. Main parts of her artwork are among others the body as an interface, contemporary handicrafts and the role of women in the contemporary culture. Her Artwork is very diversified from interactive installations, hacking, coding to sound performances. She holds a Phd in image, technology and design at the completeness university of Madrid and gives a lot of workshops, like the e TextileSummercamp. A lot of her artwork has been already presented at a range of exhibitions among others the Ars Electronica in Linz, Piksel in Bergen and Transmediale and CTM in Berlin.

One of her project is Idoru(). It’s an interactive sound performance, using the human body as an interface for controlling the sound. The movement of the body is converted in to sound by means of electronic textiles. Through the LilyPad Arduino and the XBee wireless antenna the data from the clothes are shared to a sound generator. So the human body is becoming kind of a hyper body that generates data which creates an interactive soundscape.