Wearables and E-Textiles Seminar (LMU Munich) by Anna Blumenkranz

This is the homepage of the seminar “Wearables and electronic textiles” held at the LMU University Munich, Department of History and Art Sciences during the winter term 2016.2017. Designated for BA Art & Multimedia and Art Pedagogy students. Developed and taught by Anna Blumenkranz.

Course description:
In this seminar we explore the possibilities of wearable electronics – an exciting new field, which combines electronics and programming with traditional handcrafts and sewing. We will learn the basics of electric circuits, sew connections with conductive thread, make hand-crafted textile sensors and integrate light and sound into textiles, control the behaviour of e-textiles with Arduino Lilypad. Each team of students will work on individual projects and document them on this page in the mean time. They will also make step-by-step tutorials for their projects and share them with the online-community as part of creative commons.
The final presentation of the projects accomplished during the seminar, will be held at an open event at the FabLab – Munich’s biggest maker space.

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