Final Project Presentations

18.00-18.30 As last reunion the seminar met at the FabLab. The first half hour we talked internal about the seminar. The Students and Anna Blumenkranz gave feedback to each other. 18.30-19.00 The seminar-members prepared the presentationroom for the guests. We have put many chairs into rows, set a table in the front of the room…

Surprise Guest Appearance: Emilie Giles

During our Christmas session we had a surprise guest appearance via Skype with London-based PhD student Emilie Giles. Emilie shared her research around e-textiles and tactile sensors for visually-impaired, told us about her work for an immersive theatre performance and gave us some inspiring insights into what social wearables can be.

Guest lecture: Marta Kisand

On the 5th of December we were joined by Marta Kisand, who gave insights into thermochromic and electric qualities of fabrics and shared her e-textile projects with us. The students were also able to touch and test various e-textile samples. Marta also told about her MA studies in the e-textiles at Boras University in Sweden….

Workshop: Introduction to Soft Circuits

Our first hands-on activity in the course was to create a soft-circuit robot with glowing eyes. After a brief introduction into basics of electric circuits, the students have been equipped with a battery holder, LED, conductive thread and felt, and designed a e-textile creature of their choice.

Workshop: Introduction to Lilypad

During our second session the course participants were introduced to the basics of the wearable micro-controller Lilypad Arduino. Each one was set out to make a flat potentiometer out of velostat and conductive fabric and connect it to a Lilypad and a speaker. We then coded the Lilypad to translate the resistant range of the…